Discontinuation of Water Service

Rincon Water may disconnect water service for customers who fail to make a payment in accordance with the terms of Section 3700 – Customer Service Policies.  Customers with unpaid balances 70 days past the due date will receive a red termination notice and will be assessed a fee.  As a courtesy, we will attempt to contact you seven days prior to a scheduled water service termination. For your convenience, a link to the policy is available below.

Residential and Multifamily Water Service Termination Due to Account Delinquency – Calendar Year 2023

Rincon Water is required by California law to publish the total number of water service terminations that occurred each month for the previous calendar year for both residential and multifamily customers.  This information is updated annually.

 Calendar Year – 2023
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
26 34 23 20 14 15 23 35 22 19 29 18