Harmony Grove VillageFiscal Year 2019-20 is the first year where sewer charges will be placed on our Harmony Grove Village customers’ property tax bills.  This charge was first disclosed to you by Lennar during the process of purchasing your home.  As such, you will see your first sewer charge on your upcoming property tax bill originating from the San Diego County Assessor – Tax Collector’s Office.

 CHARGES – In 2015, the County of San Diego conducted a cost of service study which determined the current sewer fees as shown below. All sewer charges are fixed rates and are not based on flow or water usage, but rather on Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs). An EDU is a unit of measure for the sewage generated from particular buildings, structures, or uses. One equivalent dwelling unit is equal to an approximation of the amount of sewage generated by an average single-family residence.

 Residential sewer service charge is $780 per year on your property tax bill. This represents most homeowners in Harmony Grove Village. The fee is equal to one EDU.

Work/Live Unit sewer service charge is $936 per year on your property tax bill. This represents only 27 dwelling units in the Harmony Grove Village. The fee is equal to 1.2 EDUs.

Nonresidential sewer service charge ranges from $2,223 to $13,003 per year and is set for each individual parcel. Fees are equivalent to, and range from, 2.85 to 16.67 EDUs. Non-residential wastewater service charges are based on the same factors as residential, which are EDUs. However, the majority of non-residential customers have a higher EDU count associated with their function compared to a homeowner that pays for one EDU. Unlike residential wastewater use, non-residential wastewater can vary widely in what is in the wastewater (such as grease, detergents, other constituents) or how much flow enters the sewer system. Although we do not charge by usage and flow, non-residential customers are typically assessed multiple EDUs to account for the higher flows and constituent loading.