Rincon Water provides safe and reliable potable and recycled water to a population of 32,000 people through more than  8,000 customer connections. Our potable distribution system consists of nine enclosed reservoirs with the storage capacity of 22.5 million gallons. The potable water system consists of over 117 miles of 8″ or bigger pipeline and four pump stations, and has a peak production of 10 million gallons per day.

Our recycled water distribution system delivers water to common area landscape, cooling towers, and fire suppression sites through nearly seven miles of  8″ or bigger pipeline. With one enclosed reservoir and two pump stations, over 80 customers connections receive recycled water.

Our Operations or “Ops” Department is our “boots on the ground”. You will often see Ops staff at roadside projects and in your neighborhood. Here are some of their responsibilities:

Backflow Prevention – Staff determines which service connections present possible contamination risks; oversees the installation of devices as needed; and implements the annual notification for testing backflow device performance. For more information about the Backflow Program, click here.

Meter Reading – Staff oversees manual and radio meter reading; handles field service requests; performs meter replacement and calibrations; and, replaces radio transmitting devices as needed.

Water Production – Staff manages the imported water deliveries from our wholesaler and maintains/monitors the computerized telemetry system.

Water Quality – Staff conducts water sampling; monitors water quality results; and, reports findings to state and federal monitoring agencies. Click here for the latest annual water quality reports.

Water System Maintenance – Staff maintains water meters; repairs, replaces, and extends water pipelines; performs facilities maintenance; performs Dig Alerts; and, maintains fire hydrants.