Rincon Water’s Engineering Department works closely with new development within the District as well as with our Operations Department  in order to  implement the District’s capital improvement plan; prioritize, design, and construct public works projects; maintain and improve existing infrastructure; provide reliable and high quality water; while, increasing the reliability of water delivery.

The Engineering Department oversees the District’s projects including its Capital Improvement Program, Development Services and Inspection, Property and Right-of-Way Management, Water Resources Management, and Geographic Information System (mapping).  For more information on these services, please see below:

** CURRENT RFPs:  Please click here to access the current RFP for “Construction Management and Observation Support Services for Beethoven (52140) and N. Iris (52141) Recycled Water Booster Pump Stations Rehabilitation.”

** CURRENT BIDS:  Please click here to access the current Bid for “Beethoven and N. Iris Recycled Water Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project (52140/52141).”

DISTRICT PROJECTS – The planning of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects is outlined in the District’s Master Plan . The goal is to plan and construct District asset replacements and upgrades to ensure the future infrastructure needs of the District are met.

 ID-A Fire Flow Improvements 2023-2024

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES and INSPECTIONS – This includes reviewing local development plans and assisting developers, engineers, and private property owners through the planning, approval, installation, and inspection of new water, sewer, and recycled water facilities.

Standard Specifications and Drawings
Standard Preface
Approved Materials List – Potable and Recycled Water
Approved Materials List – Sewer
Standard Drawings – Water
Standard Drawings – Sewer
Technical Specifications

Water Meter Costs
2023 Capital Facilities Fees Chart – Potable Water
2023 Capital Facilities Fee Chart – Recycled Water

PROPERTY AND RIGHT-OF-WAY MANAGEMENT – District maintains infrastructure on private property within easements.  Work within these areas must be approved by the District.

Encroachment Permits – Encroachments, including pavements or minor landscaping within easements, must be submitted to the District for review and approval.  To download a permit application, click here.

WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT –  The Engineering Department prepares and/or participates in studies, analyses, and plans that ensure the reliability of water supply sufficient to meet the needs of customers.  This also includes the preparation of supply assessments for proposed development projects.

Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)Click here to view Rincon Water’s most recent UWMP which forecasts water demands and water resources for the next 25 years.

GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS) – The District maintains maps of its infrastructure using ERSI software. We are looking forward to providing expanded GIS services in the future.

NEED MORE INFORMATION? Contact the Engineering Department –  click here.