Living in Southern California means we must always be prepared for drought. And since we rely on water imported from the Colorado River and a very small portion from Northern California, it’s not only a local drought that can affect us; a drought in another region can impact us too. But having adequate water supplies is not just about weather. Environmental issues, delivery system infrastructure and maintenance activities, natural disasters, regional water quality events, and even growing communities can add to the stresses of just how far water supplies can go.

Although the water agencies in San Diego County have hardened their water supplies and diversified their water portfolios, a drought or water supply shortage in far-away location can affect us all because, the less water we use – the more there is to share.  For this reason, Rincon Water’s Board of Directors adopted a Daily Water Conservation Ethic (DWCE) in 2015.  The DWCE is always in affect – regardless of our State’s drought status.  This means as a Rincon Water customer, you are required to implement specific water waste prevention activities contained within the DWCE – every single day.  It makes good sense to use water efficiently every day of the year, not only to safeguard our environment, but to better contain the cost of your monthly water bill.

During a declared drought and/or water supply shortage, you may hear different rules reported by local media and this is to be expected.  Just remember, you are required only to follow Rincon’s DWCE to avoid potential fines for noncompliance.   And, if new rules are enacted by Rincon Water, it will be posted on our website, and customer notification will take place.

While you continue to implement Rincon Water’s DWCE every single day, we ask that you tighten your water belt a little bit more and conserve as much as you can. Together we ensure adequate water supplies for California!

The DWCW prohibits the following activities:

  • The application of potable water to outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff such that water flows onto an adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private or public walkways, roadways, parking lots or other structures.
  • The use of a house that dispenses potable water to wash a motor vehicle, except where the hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle or device attached to it that causes it to cease dispensing water immediately when not in use.
  • Application of potable water to outdoor landscapes during and within 48 hours of rainfall.
  • The serving of drinking water other than upon request in eating or drinking establishments, including but not limited to restaurants, hotels, cafes, cafeteria, bars, or other public places where food or drink are served and/or purchased.
  • The irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf on public street medians.
  • The irrigation with potable water of landscapes outside newly constructed homes and buildings in a manner inconsistent with regulations or other requirements established by the California Building Standards and the Department of Housing and Community Development.
  • To promote water conservation, operators of hotels and motels shall provide guests with the option of choosing not to have towels and linens laundered daily. The hotel or motel shall prominently display the notice of this option in each guestroom using clear and easily understood language.

The DWCE mandates that Rincon Water Customers MUST also implement the following:

  • No washing down paved surfaces, including but not limited to sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, or patios, except when it is necessary to alleviate safety or sanitation hazards.
  • No water waste resulting from inefficient landscape irrigation, such as runoff, low head drainage, or overspray, etc. Similarly, stop water flows onto non-targeted areas, such as adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, hardscapes, roadways, or structures.
  • Irrigate residential and commercial landscapes after 8:00 pm and before 9:00 am only.
  • Use a hand-held hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle or bucket to water landscaped areas, including trees and shrubs located on residential and commercial properties that are not irrigated by an automated landscape irrigation system.
  • Irrigate nursery and commercial grower’s products before 10:00 am and after 6:00 pm only. Watering is permitted at any time with a hand-held hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle, a bucket, or when a drip/micro-irrigation system or equipment is used.  Irrigation of nursery propagation beds is permitted at any time, as is the watering of livestock.
  • Use recirculated water for all ornamental fountains and other water features. Use recycled water if available.
  • Wash vehicles using a bucket and a hand-held hose with a positive shut-off nozzle, mobile high pressure/low volume wash system, or at a commercial site that re-circulates (reclaims) water on-site. Avoid vehicle washing during hot conditions when additional water is required due to evaporation.
  • Serve nd refill water in restaurants and other food establishments only upon request of patrons.
  • Offer guests in hotels, motels, and other commercial lodging establishments the option of not laundering towels and linens on a daily basis.
  • Repair all water leaks within five (5) days of notification by the District unless other arrangements are made with the General Manager.
  • Use recycled or non-potable water for construction purposes when available.

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