Welcome to WaterSmart!

As a Rincon Water customer, you are able to logon to  WaterSmart.  WaterSmart is a portal which allows our customers to access their hourly water use information online and to customize how and when they will receive leak, self-set threshold, and high water bill notifications.

Ready to get logged in? 

Logging in is easy! Simply click on the WaterSmart button on our home page or on this handy link.   For your initial visit, you will be asked to enter your account number (no dashes necessary) and the zip code we use to mail you your bill. Once this is filled in, click on FIND MY ACCOUNT. Next, you will need to enter your email address and a secret password which you make up. Now, you should be in the WaterSmart portal.

Want to track your usage?

Once you are in your portal, click on the TRACK tab. Here you will see a bar graph representing various days. When you hover over the bars you can see how much water was used in one day. You can also click on any of the bars and see your water use by the hour for any given day. We upload two times a day, so there is a slight delay for you to view your data. There are times when we do server maintenance, or signal interruption can occur to bad weather or vehicles blocking the signal. Grey bars in your graph are an indication of this.  When this happens, the water usage during the “down” time will accumulate and post the next time the signal goes through. An example of this can been seen on February 20, 018 when our server was down for two days. The system is meant to do this and is not an indication of a “bad” meter.

More cool tools….

  • Set Use Notifications  – While you are on the TRACK page, scroll down to the bottom. You will see a blue box that says, “Set Use Notifications”. You can click on this button and increase the frequency of notifications or change the method in which we notify you.  You can set your own thresholds for daily use and bill forecasts!
  • Downloading Your Data – To access your billing consumption data, return to the WaterSmart homepage by clicking on the HOME tab at the top of the page. Next, click on the SETTINGS tab. Scroll to, and click on, DOWNLOAD YOUR DATA. Next, click the Download button for BILLING PERIOD DATA. Open the Excel Spreadsheet by clicking on the Excel icon at the very bottom of the screen. For the “Read Date Column” you will see a column of # symbols. Once you widen this column, it will show the billing dates. The “unit” column represents the usage shown on your bill for the dates in Column B.
  • Trouble Shooting a Leak – Go to the WaterSmart homepage of your portal.  In the “I Want To…” navigation box, select “Check if I have a leak”.  Follow the leak wizard and click on “start checking for leaks”.