Rincon Water purchases treated potable water from its wholesalers.  Once treated water enters our distribution system, we continuously monitor the water to ensure that high quality water is supplied to our customers.  We do this by taking routine samples at various locations throughout the water distribution system and performing flushing efforts as needed.  When taking samples, we monitored chlorine levels, temperature, pH, and other physical characteristics of the water to verify proper levels. Samples are taken to a laboratory and analyzed for water quality compliance and routine monitoring requirements.

Consumer Confidence Report

Strict sampling techniques are utilized to meet compliance and laboratory requirements. The results for all sampled constituents are published annually in our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and reported on a one-year delayed basis, as required by the State of California.  The CCR is published in July of each year and is available on this website. The CCR provides information about where your water comes from, what it contains, and other general public consumer information.

As Rincon water has two sources of water, each serving customers within certain geographic in either Improvement District 1 (ID1) or Improvement District A (ID A), you will need to determine which area you are in.  You can do this by clicking here to see a map showing the locations of both IDs. You can also click here to view the current and archived CCRs in our library.