9.7.2023 – Wildrose Glen Emergency Repairs

12:30 PM – The leak has been repaired and service has been restored.  We thank you for your patience!

10:30 AM – Some customers on Huckleberry may also be affected.  At this time, barring any complications, water service will resume by 5:00 pm.

9:15 AM – Water service is currently off for some of the properties on Wildrose Glen. As assessment of the site conditions continue, other properties on Wildrose Glen may also experience water survey outages.

NOTE:  In the event of  most emergency water service outages, we attempt to contact our customers using email, voice messages, and text messages.  By updating and providing your email address, your cell phone number, and/or land line number we will notify you using as many of these three means as possible.   Please update your contact information as door hanger delivery may not be possible during emergency conditions.  You can do this by visiting your WaterSmart portal or by calling customer service at 760-745-5522.