To safeguard public health and to protect our potable water from possible contamination, Rincon Water requires installation of backflow prevention devices where private plumbing systems have a higher risk of contaminating our  water supplies. This contamination can occur in instances where a  malfunction in consumer equipment and/or a sudden drop in pressure, siphons water from the customers’ side of the meter, back into our system.  As your water supplier, Rincon Water is responsible for providing potable water that is safe to drink under all foreseeable circumstances. We manage this through our cross-connection control regulations.

Briefly, our cross-connection control regulations stipulate that backflow devices are generally required at sites with:

  • Commercial operations
  • Wells
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Gray water systems
  • Agricultural operations
  • Home-based businesses 
  • Other extenuating circumstance

For our customers who are required to have a backflow device, annual testing is mandatory.  When your device is due for testing, we will notify you by standard mail.  Once you receive this letter, you will need to contact a certified backflow tester to schedule your appointment.  You will need to provide the form to your tester, which he/she will complete after the inspection.  He/she will then return the results to us.  You have 30 days to complete the process in order to avoid late fees and charges.

  • For an explanation of guidelines, requirements, and testing schedule, please call (760) 745-5522 or e-mail
  • Completed backflow device test certifications may be faxed to (760) 745-4235, emailed to , or returned to our office in person or by standard mail.
  • To download a Backflow Device Tester Certification Form, click here.