Our History

The District derives its name from Rancho Rincon del Diablo. In 1843, Juan Bautista Alvarado received the Rancho as a land grant after the area fell from auspice of the Mission San Diego de Alcala.  The land, no longer part of the Mission system was considered unblessed, hence the Spanish translation, “the devil’s corner,”  or “the devil’s lurking place.” This original tract of land contained 12,653 acres.

In 1885, a syndicate of businessmen purchased the Rancho and subdivided it into small farm tracts and the City of Escondido. During this period, agricultural operations included row crops, tree crops, and cattle.  One year later, an irrigation district was formed and bonds were sold to develop a water supply system from the local San Luis Rey River.  A dam was constructed at Lake Wohlford and by 1905 the Escondido Mutual Water Company, a private entity, acquired the irrigation district facilities.  The company continued to improve the diversion canal and distribution system to supply its stockholders with irrigation and domestic water.

Following World War II, the Escondido Valley experienced a period of rapid growth. It came at a time of continuing drought which heightened the need for additional water to support the growing residential community.  Additionally, local citizens realized the need to import water to serve land on the outskirts of the valley where there was not a adequate water supply. Colorado River water (imported by public agencies, the San Diego County Water Authority and its supplier, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) was the best option. Because the Escondido Mutual Water Company was a private company, it was prohibited by law to receive water supplies from a public supplier. Born from the need to import water, was the formation of a public agency. On February 19, 1954 the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District was organized and incorporated under the provisions of the Municipal Water Act of 1911 to fulfill this need.

Our Mission Statement

Rincon Water exists to reliably deliver quality water to meet the needs of Rincon Water’s residents, businesses, municipalities, and fire response services. We execute this civic responsibility with professionalism, striving always to improve the value our customers experience for the rates they pay.

Our Values

To succeed, we prize above all…

Resource Stewardship

  • Financial:  Prudent use of public funds
  • Natural:  Conscientious planning for future generations
  • Human:  Respectful interface with our staff and all stakeholders


  • Transparent and honest communications with all stakeholders
  • Our water distribution system and use of appropriate technology
  • The value we provide for the rates we collect

Continuous Improvement

  • Effective and efficient water distribution operations and District administration
  • Fair and practical governance and resource management
  • Excellent relationships with stakeholders
  • Enhanced employee skill development and training

Our Vision

  • By 2020, Rincon Water will be, for the San Diego region, the…
    • Most reliable Water System – Rincon Water provides municipal water services to meet the current and anticipated needs of our District. We will ensure reliability through diverse water sourcing and anticipatory system maintenance and upgrades; as a result our system will demonstrably be the most reliable in the region.
    • Most Collaborative Water District – In the San Diego region and statewide, we’re all in the water business together! We will have invested the time and energy into relationships with customers and stakeholders, and found creative ways to work with others. As a result,  we will have enough skill, clout, and influence to ensure Rincon Water’s success in its mission.
    • Best Value for the Rates Paid – Rincon Water buys and sells water and distributes it through a system that Rincon Water maintains. Rincon Water will be able to demonstrate that its rates deliver a higher degree of reliability, quality water, and customer service than any other district in the region.
    • Best Water District Employer – Rincon Water employs field technicians, administrative staff, and management to run the day-to-day operations and care of customers. Rincon Water will continue to have one of the highest employee satisfaction ratings in the region.