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Where Is Your Valve?

ValveDo you know where your water shut off valve is and how to use it? When a line breaks or during repairs, shutting off your water quickly and effectively can save you money and avoid damage to your home.

Generally, there are three places to turn water off.

  1. At the appliance. Like the sink or toilet, there is a small valve that can be quickly turned off. Be careful! They are not meant for frequent use. If not used in a while turning these valves may cause a leak or worse, break the valve.
  2. At the home shut off valve. This is located near the foundation of your home at the place where the water pipe enters the house. Often, it looks similar to the picture above. This is normally a gate valve and will work for most in-house emergencies. This valve does not control your irrigation lines and it will not control your fire sprinklers (if your home has a fire suppression system). Each of those systems have their own valves that are specific to each property.
  3. Near the water meter. There is a valve on each side of the meter - the valve on the homeowner side is yours and so is the service line from that point all the way to your home. You may want to ensure that you can get to this valve and turn off your water, just for practice. But it will turn off all water to your home, including your irrigation. The other valve (on the street side or input side of the meter) is ours, please do not operate that valve or valves in the street. Should your situation warrant these valves or street valves to be operated, please call us first. We will respond during emergencies or if it is scheduled, we can work with you for best times.