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Purple Fire Hydrants

hydrantRincon Water continues to lead the region in the use of Recycled Water. Purple fire hydrants, indicating recycled water, can now be seen in the Escondido Research and Technology Center (ERTC) located near the new hospital.

As new commercial projects are built within the ERTC, fire suppression systems and hydrants are being designed to use recycled water, freeing up our potable water supplies for use in places where it is needed. As new projects are built, we will continue to work towards making them more efficient while expanding the potential use of recycled water.

If you are interested in seeing a purple fire hydrant, we have one on display in our lobby at 1920 N. Iris Lane or just wait, we may have a purple fire hydrant on a street corner near you soon.

Remember, purple represents recycled water - not sewer water. Recycled water is highly treated and disinfected. Although not for drinking, incidental contact with your skin is not harmful. And like all water in Southern California, it too is a precious resource and not to be wasted.