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Taste & Odor Concerns - Water Quality

The District has been receiving reports from customers in ID-A (the pink area on the attached map) that their water has a dirt-like taste and odor.  Although the taste and odor may differ from what our ID-A customers are used to, the water you are receiving is safe to drink and meets mandated water quality standards.  

The water delivered to customers within the ID-A service area is treated water purchased from the City of Escondido (City).  However, the City reports that due to maintenance on their imported water source line, they have had to temporarily replace the source water supplies with local, treated water from Lake Dixon and Lake Wohlford.  Although there have been challenges treating the temporary water supplies for taste and odor, the water is safe to drink.  City staff expects the issues to be resolved within the next two weeks.

If you have further concerns about this temporary change in taste and order, please contact the City's water quality staff at 760-839-4668.  Once connected, please select option 9.  When discussing your concerns with City staff, be sure to let them know that you are a Rincon Water customer who receives City water through your tap.