Serving the Greater

Escondido Valley Since 1954

 After 41 years devoted to ensuring the reliable delivery of quality water to meet the needs of Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District’s residents, businesses, and fire response services, Fred Stauffer has retired. 

“Since his employment with the District in 1977, Fred has been an integral part of the District’s Operations Department,” said Clint Baze, Rincon Water’s Director of Engineering and Operations. “Over the years, Fred has seen the District change from one that served primarily agricultural customers, to one consisting mostly of residential and commercial customers.  In response to these changes, Fred has performed a wide range of duties in support of Rincon Water activities which includes the management of the District’s safety program and the cross-connection program; purchasing, testing, and repairing of water meters; conducting and promoting recycled water service installations; water quality sampling and testing; and, report preparation to State regulators.”

At its December Board meeting, Rincon Water’s Board of Directors recognized Fred’s dedication with a resolution expressing sincere appreciation for his services. “Along with his valued work ethic, Fred takes with him a tremendous institutional knowledge that will be incredibly difficult to replace,” said Greg Thomas, Rincon Water’s General Manager. “He will be missed.”

When asked what he plans to do with his newly found time, Fred says he plans on golfing as often as possible and spend more time with his daughters Ruthie and Silvia, and his wife Linda.    


Pictured from left to right: Erin Lump, Vice President; James Murtland, President; Fred Stauffer, Retiree; Greg Quist, Director; Diana Towne, Director, and David Drake, Board Treasurer