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An emergency water outage is now occurring for approximately 30 customers in the San Pasqual area.  We are working to restore water service as soon as possible and thank you for your patience and understanding during this unplanned event. 



1:10 pm - The repairs have been made, the system was recharged, and water service has been restored. We really appreciated your patience!


12:50 pm - The leak has been located and repairs are being made. A completion time has not yet been determined.


7:45 am - It has been determined that the pipeline was inadvertently damaged due to the firefighting activities that occurred in the neighborhood.  The location of the leak is still being determined and repair activities were suspended overnight pending "mark-outs" of existing utilities within the easement.  Staff has returned to the site this morning and operations have already begun.  We will be sending several of our crew to each home to deliver drinking water within the next couple of hours.  



3:30 pm - A leak was reported in the San Pasqual area adjacent to the wildfire which began yesterday.  We are currently determining the location of the leak. The approximate duration of the outage has not been determined at this time.