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Notice of Preparation of Draft EIR

October - 2016

NOTE:  Public Comment period for the Initial Study closed on October 10, 2016.

With three developments planned for the Harmony Grove area in the vicinity of Escondido, one of which is already under construction, waste water must inevitably be addressed.  With the Harmony Grove Village Water Reclamation Facility (HGVWRF) already constructed, two other separately planned waste water treatment plants are also on the drawing board.  As the local water agency, Rincon Water is proposing to expand its service portfolio in order to provide the Harmony Grove area with master-planned wastewater services to better serve the community residents and the environment. A map of the proposed project area is available by clicking here.

As identified in its Strategic Plan, Rincon Water is proposing to become a sewer agency and to acquire the existing HGVWRF from the County and then provide full water-related services to the area.  The HGVWRF has the potential to service the entire Harmony Grove area, making the construction of two new plants no longer necessary, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency, as well as expanding sewer connection opportunities to more than 250 existing residential properties.  All wastewater entering the system would then be treated to Title 22 Standards as disinfected tertiary recycled water to be used for landscape irrigation within the community.

The process of expanding Rincon Water’s services is a lengthy one, requiring initial studies, environmental impact reports, public hearings, and final LAFCO approval.  Rincon Water has completed the initial study which has identified minimal environmental impacts of the proposed project.  The initial study and Notice of Preparation will be available here and can be accessed by clicking on the underlined links on this page.




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