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Escondido, CA – As adopted by the Board of Directors of the Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District as part of its 2015 Water Rate Study, water rates and charges are increasing on September 1, 2018. 

Not including SDCWA pass-throughs, the District’s Service Charges and Water Usage Rates are increasing between approximately 6% and 8%.  An adjustment to the pass-through of SDCWA rates and charges will occur in January 2019.  Per Board action, the District continues to be under Level 1 Rates. 

While the rates and charges are increasing on September 1, 2018, customers will not see the impacts of the increases until their October 2018 water bill, which is scheduled to be delivered during the last week of October. 

To view the District’s 2015 Water Rate Study, please click here.  To view the District’s schedule of water rates and charges, effective September 1, 2018, please click here

To help mitigate the impact of rate increases, it is recommended to become as efficient as possible with water use. Rincon customers are encouraged to register for WaterSmart, a free tool which allows access to hourly water use data, customized water conservation opportunities, rebate availability, and leak notification.  To visit the WaterSmart portal, please click here

Few would disagree that water and "Quality of Life" go hand in hand in arid southern California.  This bond is especially true in a region where the combined engines of population growth and industrial development increasingly stress the supply of high quality water.  To successfully meet this critical issue calls for competent and informed leaders to manage our water resources fairly and efficiently.

Traditionally, a water manager's primary job was to deal with mostly engineering and financial issues, a task later complicated by the onset of legal, environmental, regulatory, climatic and personnel challenges.  Today, a water manager's life is even more complex facing complex issues involving desalination, waste and storm water recycling, integrated watershed planning, and conjunctive management of surface and ground water.  

For all of these reasons, CSUSM, Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District, and others representing the regional water industry, have joined forces to develop a unique intermediate level certificate program; one designed to familiarize participants with issues and points of view they might not encounter otherwise.  While open to the general public, this program is geared toward individuals already employed in the water industry and wish to advance their supervisory skills and knowledge.

Left Picture: Certification graduation ceremony on August 15.

Right Picture (from left to right):

Top Row - Greg Thomas, Rincon General Manager; Nick Lyuber, Rincon Senior Engineer (2018 Certification Program Graduate); Clint Baze, Rincon Director of Operations and Engineering; and, Julia Escamilla, Rincon Public Services Information Officer/Water Conservationist.

Bottom Row - James Murtland, Rincon Board President; David Drake, Rincon Board Secretary/Treasurer; and, Erin Lump, Rincon Board Vice President.


10:00 am - An emergency water outage may be occurring for approximately 20 customers in the Rockhoff area.  We are currently looking for the location of the leak.  Once the leak is located, we will likely be turning off water service to make repairs to the pipeline. A time has not been determine for when this will occur. 


3:00 pm - After a significant investigation, the reported seepage does not appear to be pipeline-related.  As there were no repairs made to the pipeline, your water service was not interrupted.  We are continuing to monitor the situation.  We appreciated your patience and cooperation during our investigation process.  






For project documentation, please click here.


 Pass-Through of Wholesale Water Rates and Changes


The District’s five-year water rate study, approved by the Board of Directors in June 2015, allows the District to pass-through the full share of any increase or decrease in fees and charges from the District’s imported water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA).  SDCWA performs modifications to the rates and charges for retail water agencies on January 1 of each year.  These rates and charges include a variable cost per acre-foot (AF) of water purchased from SDCWA, as well as fixed charges to retail water agencies regardless of how much water is purchased.  Effective January 1, 2018, the District is seeing an overall 4.3% increase in the cost per AF of water purchased from SDCWA.    Fixed charges (not including the IAC) are seeing an overall decrease of 2.6%.  The net overall impact of these modifications is a $0.14 increase to each of the District’s water usage rates.

The District also separately passes-through SDCWA’s Infrastructure Access Charge (IAC) every January 1 of each year. The IAC is a fixed charged for access to imported water from SDCWA and is based upon the size of the water meter serving the property. The District’s IAC cost from SDCWA is decreasing by 6.2%.  District customers will notice that the IAC charge on their water bill is decreasing in response to the reduced cost from our wholesaler. 

The new water rates and charge are effective January 1, 2018 and customers will see the impact of these changes on their February 2018 bill, the first full billing after January 1.  For more detailed information on water rates and charges, the District’s current water rate schedule is available here.     

One of the best ways to minimize the impact of the rate increase is to become as efficient as possible with water use. Rincon customers are encouraged to register for WaterSmart, a free tool which allows access to hourly water use data, customized water conservation opportunities, rebate availability, and leak notification. To register, click on the "WaterSmart Portal" link located on the homepage of this website.