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Recycled Water

Rincon Water is committed to providing our customers with secure and reliable water supplies and recycled water is an important component of our water portfolio. This important resource increases local water supplies while decreasing our dependence on potable imported water. As our community continues to grow, recycled water will help meet our future water supply needs.

Although Rincon Water provides recycled water to its customers for landscape irrigation and industrial use, we are not a waste water collection or treatment agency. Currently, Rincon Water purchases recycled water from the City of Escondido which consists of water highly treated at the Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility (HARRF). HARRF is an activated sludge, secondary treatment facility, consisting of physical, biological, and chemical treatment methods which includes screening, sedimentation, chemical precipitation, and biological processes, HARRF is designed to treat wastewater from the City and the Rancho Bernardo area of the City of San Diego.

Today, Rincon Water provides recycled water to large landscape sites for irrigation,and to commercial sites for cooling towers and fire suppression. Look for purple! When you see purple pipes, hydrants, valve lids, and sprinklers to name a few, you will know that recycled water is hard at work.

Recycled Water Projects

Rincon Water's Northwest Recycled Water Expansion

Rincon Water's Reservoir 1 - Recycled Water Conversion

Rincon Water's Purple Fire Hydrants