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Escondido Valley Since 1954


Diana Towne

Current Term:
Terms of Service:  6

Diana Towne was elected to the Rincon del Diablo Board of Directors in 1995 as the Division V representative of Rincon Water’s Improvement District “1” and Improvement District “E”.  Director Towne chairs the Public Information & Intergovernmental Relations Committee, which oversees and fosters customer, community, intergovernmental, and media relations. She is also on the Engineering and Long Range Planning Committee.  During her tenure, Ms. Towne has held the board positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer, and currently serves as Secretary to the San Diego Chapter-California Special District Association and is their newsletter’s editor.  Ms. Towne served a two-year appointment on the Special District Advisory Committee to San Diego LAFCO.

An active member of the community, Ms. Towne, a retired Legal Assistant, has served as Vice-President of the North County League of Women Voters; Vice-President of the North County Legal Secretaries Association as well as editor of that organization’s newsletter.  Ms. Towne also served as Treasurer of the Burn Institute Auxiliary, and was a Notary Public from 1985-2015.

A supporter of wildlife and open space, she supports and maintains memberships in The Escondido Creek Conservancy, Friends of Daley Ranch, The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, and The Nature Conservancy.  An Escondido resident since 1975, Ms. Towne and her fiancé own a home in NW Escondido.  Their blended family consists of four children, seven grandchildren, and a Schnauzer named Mickey.

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