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Escondido Valley Since 1954

Continuity of Service - As a customer of Rincon Water, we are pleased to provide a service specifically designed for our property owners who rent to tenants. Continuity of Service provides owners with the opportunity to have uninterrupted water service at their property. When in place, water service transfers back to the owner automatically when service is cancelled by a tenant. To sign up, complete this form.

Placing Service in Tenant's Name - Note that per our Admin Code, water accounts must be established/transferred and maintained in the owners name if any prior account for that address is:

  • In arrears
  • In collections
  • Has been written off as bad debt for any reason

The owner may pay off the outstanding debt in order to have water service placed in a tenant's name.

Placing Service in Inactive Status - Property owners who do not need active water service may place their account in inactive status. By doing so, the property owner can save money since inactive accounts are billed at 50% of the monthly systems operations charge. Accounts must be kept current while in inactive status. For more information and to enroll, complete this form.